man looking at fabric samplesNowadays there is nothing to prevent anyone with a car, a sample case full of swatches, a tape measure and a penchant for fashion from calling themselves a custom clothier. And, though experience is not always synonymous with expertise, expertise is never gained without experience.


At Haymakers and Co., “Bespoke” and “Custom-made” are not just experimental nomenclature. Our expertise at measuring and fitting custom-made clothing was gained under the tutelage and oversight of decades-long veterans in the custom clothing industry at our parent company and next door neighbor, J. Michaels Clothiers. And, though we do carry ready-made suits in our inventory for our clientele who need or want something “now,” we find that most accomplished men prefer to pick out their own fabric made to their style specifications and measurements, dictated by their own fit preferences, as opposed to being relegated to something off the rack.


Clothing fabric samples, pool balls and whiskey glass with whiskey.


And, why not? The advent of mass customization through technological advancements has made having something made so price competitive with comparably crafted garments off the rack, that it just makes sense to build one’s own wardrobe unique to them. With our two private label makers, along with access to all of J. Michaels fabric library (Loro Piana, Zegna, Scabal, Holland and Sherry, Vitale Barberis and labels like Oxxford Clothes. Hickey Freeman and Peter Millar, you will find the greatest selection available anywhere in Nashville. With makes from half canvas to full canvas bench grade hand-made, the value propositions are almost limitless. Suit prices start at roughly $1000, jackets at $895 and shirts at $150, ascending in price depending on quality and origin of fabric and workmanship. And, if you ever want to know what a $32,000 suit looks and feels like, we can take you there, too.




Sample collared shirt with tape measureHaymakers and Co. aims to make the process of building your wardrobe extremely efficient by asking relevant questions about fit and style preferences, as well as to what the business, civic and social demands of your wardrobe are. We also maintain your own personal file containing a record of past purchases and any pattern adjustments, making it easier to fill in gaps and avoid duplication. If you prefer to work by appointment, we will meet at any hour convenient to you. Or, if you just happen to be in the neighborhood, feel free to drop in. Discover the difference our expertise makes in helping you build a great visual reputation. Hope to see you soon.