Barber Questions & Answers

Q: What can a new client expect from their first Barber service with you?

A: I would like to think that they could expect comfort. The last thing I would want someone to walk away with was an uncomfortable experience.


Q:And can a client gain from returning to you?

A: Well a lot of times, to truly get the exact haircut they want, it might take three haircuts or so. It can take me a minute to learn the hair growth patterns, their maintenance habits, type of texture and whether it requires a different technique than the one we started with. Really its more than the hair after they return a few times. I've been able to make some amazing relationships through my clients; that's how I landed my gig at Haymakers. I enjoy getting to know the details of my clients lives. So, clients gain a personal professional barber who is both classically trained and an atmosphere where they feel comfortable.


Q: Why should men go to a barber versus a salon or a corporate walk in shop?

A: Barbers are trained to take care of everyday guys type of hair - we don't do highlights, we don't do facials. We do straight razor shaves and provide hot towel services. We pride ourselves on our fades and our clipper work. You don't sit down in my chair and answer 'what number do you use?' - I'm here to be an expert on what you need, offer honest opinions, and guarantee you walk out with a look that you're both comfortable in and know how to maintain. That is where I see the value of a master barber versus a cheap, low-quality haircut. Plus, the camaraderie at our shop is such that it's just more enjoyable to sit in my chair. At any time, you can stop in and see an array of amazing clothing, have a coffee, beer, or signature.


Q: What makes the way a Barber cuts different from a Cosmetologist?

A: The main difference I've found is the fading. I'm not trained to give you head massages or a blowout because that's not my focus. The way I use clippers is so much different than the way a Cosmo person would generally use them. I use the clippers for more than just taking off bulk. I can use shears to do the detail work but I prefer to use clippers; they just seem to give a cleaner look for haircuts that need it and the silhouettes guys are after nowadays require a level of attention to detail that you just won't experience at a standard salon.


Q: If someone asks for an all shear cut can you do that?

A: Absolutely, but depending on the length I may ask why. I can do men's longer hair styles and the gentlemen walks away satisfied. However if it's a shorter hair style, with it being under an inch on the sides, I may ask why they prefer that. What I've found is that a bunch of guys have been screwed up before with clippers. You know the whole "What number do you get in the sides?" type of deal. So I try to assure the client that my custom clipper work is the best in town and let them know I don't have to just throw on a guard. Some still want scissors and that's fine, I'm here to make the guy comfortable during his time here and happy when he leaves.


Q: Which questions do you get the most from clients?

A:Very frequently I get asked how often someone should clean their hair. My rule of thumb is everyday, and believe me I've heard varying opinions from every barber I know. It really boils down to your level of product usse. Guys should shampoo twice and condition once, but I would make sure to remind them to use separate bottles, never the 2-in-1 stuff - that stuff just doesn't work. Now if someone isn't using much product and likes how the natural oil feels, back it off to only a few times a week. And I'd say another question that always pops up is, "How often should I be back?" Well, depending on how short the haircut is, I say not much past 4 weeks. If its a shorter cut, I'd say 2 weeks to maintain the same look. I'd say a good percentage of my clients come back every two weeks because of our two week haircut special we run at the shop.


Q: What sort of things are you looking to achieve out of every haircut?

A: Two things I always go for are consistency and the ability to grow out while still looking nice. Unless someone has asked for a very specific look such as a wedding haircut, a video shoot or whatever. Then I like to focus on those two things. I work towards allowing around at least four weeks of growth before it starts getting unruly. And when you return I hope to achieve a similar cut that we did previously. My one to two week clients love how I can help them maintain a certain look.


Q: How about the face shave, what is that experience like?

A: To start, I do use a straight razor with replaceable blades; it's both easier to use and the quality of the blade edge is better and more consistent. I'll also use our signature pre shave oil to go with our hot towel servce. This softens the hair and hydrates the skin for a much more comfortable shave. To lather the face I'll typically use warm shaving lather out of the machine. I've been told I give a very relaxing shave; if you've never been shaved by a professional, its time you treat yourself. And for the guy who'd like to add it to his care regimen, we offer a weekly shave special.