My name is Timothy Joseph Klausing, but to friends and clients it's T.J. I have been a licensed and classically trained barber for ten years and a master barber in the state of Tennessee since moving here a year or so ago. I grew up in a very small town in Ohio, next to the cornfields and cows. My barbering career started off in Lebanon, OH after I finished school at ALL-Sports Barber College. I moved to Toledo, OH and worked at primarily one shop for 5 years, Tal-Mon Barbershop.

Up until recently, I worked at the Proper Barbershop in Los Angeles; my wife and I made a family decision to move to Nashville (like so many others) so we could both pursue our dreams and get back East. My wife's collection, SMOK, is up and running and we're glad to set down some roots and build our life here. We really enjoy Nashville for it's big city appeal but small town feel. There is space to grow here, not only for our businesses but for a family. I'm very excited to see what we can help bring to this fast growing city. We'll at least keep it looking good, possibly even better!